October 16, 2011


from The Detroit Astronomical Society, Inc.

From what I can ascertain, The Detroit Astronomical Society is kaput as an official body. It seems to have spawned many splinter groups as the suburbs began to grow and the population of the city diminished and just sort of officially sputtered out. The Science Center, Wayne State University and the Warren Astronomical Society seem to have become the main focal points near the city center and various other groups as the suburbs spread further north, west and south.

According to this pamphlet the meetings took place at both the University of Detroit Science Building and the Sylvia Allen Center which was one mile east of the Belle Isle bridge. I'll save you the pain of my lack of knowledge as to where any of these places are in proximity to one another and post the rest of this fold 8 1/2 X 11  page pamphlet that I bought for 10 cents at John King Books.


Joel Goldstick said...

I was a member of the Detroit Astronomical Society in the 60s as a young teenager. The sylvia allen center was a great place. I think it used to be a fire station. Downstairs was a shop, upstairs were meeting rooms, and a room with a fixture to test telescope mirror optics. The phone of R A Lloyd brings back memories. A great guy who smoked cigarettes and taught me a lot about astronomy, and more

the said...

Sounds like an interesting time Joel. Unfortunately there isn't much info out there about the group.

Jonathan Kade said...

Wow, awesome find! I'm in the WAS. We've scanned in a lot of our early 1960s and 1970s newsletters, including information about DAS events. There are some former DAS members still involved in the community. I'd like to learn more about the DAS myself.

Anonymous said...

I joined the DAS in 1952,
and was a member for at least 10 years. I built my first reflector telescope in Dr. Craig's basement,
at 4835 Second Ave. in Detroit.
Many fond memories of the people in the club, some are still alive today
and I am in contact with them.
I attended Dick Lloyd's funeral years ago.
The Detroit Free Press sponsored a
Solar Eclipse expedition in 1954,
and about 20 members of the DAS
attended. Most are gone now, 3 are still alive that I know of.
I joined the Warren Astronomical Society in 1972.

Joel Goldstick said...

The two important people I remember (there were others) were Richard Lloyd, and Larry Kalanowski. I read that Mr. Kalanowski died several years ago. I think he was involved in the Warren group, and also with the advent of computers into amateur astronomy. The President of the DAS was a German born PhD. who I think worked at University of Detroit, where the monthly meetings were held