November 30, 2011


NOVEMBER 19, 1963
by Warren High School Journalism students

I don't know much about Warren High School except that it was built in 1931 at the corners of Arden and Seventh Avenue and closed at the end of the 1991-92 school year. The school's colors were orange and black and their nickname the Orioles.

Famous alumni included William LeVise (aka Mitch Ryder) and Frank Goodish (Bruiser Brody). Ryder and his band The Detroit Wheels had several hits including their most notable song "Devil with a Blue Dress on." and they are enshrined in the Michigan Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Goodish, a former all-state football and basketball player who went on to play football at Texas A&M, became a professional wrestler who performed in several circuits in America and Japan. At 6'5" he helped to bring about the brawling style with his wild and unmanageable demeanor in the court. Having used several monikers during his career (Red River Jack, King Kong Brody and The Masked Marauder) his most famous bout came as Bruiser Brody in a 1987 cage match against Lex Luger. In the middle of the match Brody refused to fight any more and stood around uninterested in the fight. After a talking to (remember this is wrestling) by Luger and the referee, in which the two speaking participants agreed not to complete the match, Luger was eventually disqualified for repeatedly punching Brody in the corner of the ring. Goodish was tragically stabbed to death by fellow wrestler José Huertas González in 1988 during a locker room confrontation in Puerto Rico. González was acquitted of all charges successfully claiming self-defense.

As for the newspaper posted below, it's one of several copies I found at a Detroit antique store yesterday. In the packet were 6 copies of the Oriole from 1963-4, 1 issue of "The Paper" from 1965 and 4 copies of "The Observer" from 1964-5. I haven't looked to see if LeVise or Goodish are mentioned in the issues but since both were at the school during the time it's quite possible that they are. Actually, after taking a quick glance I noticed that Goodish is mentioned several times on page 8. makes sense since he went on to play college ball. Enjoy.

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