July 16, 2012


June 4, 1972
by Wayne County Sportsman Club

The Wayne County Sportsman Club was established in 1945 and is still active to this day though I have a feeling that carp shoots are no longer allowed but I could be wrong.

From the looks of their magazine archives and their more recent events the group seems to have started off as a hunting club but has evolved into a shooting association. Which makes sense since the population dynamics of the area have drastically shifted from the city to the suburbs in the past 60+ years.

The carp shoot took place June 4, 1972 at Pointe Mouillee and the grand prize was a 12 ft. aluminum boat with lesser prizes for various other fish class catches. While I've heard of shooting fish I don't ever recall anybody doing it with a bow and arrow but obviously it's not a new sport.

I found this post card along with a few other previously posted raffle tickets in a book I bought in a thrift store out in Ypsilanti several years ago. I happened upon them again a few months back while sorting through some junk in boxes and thought I should post it here for posterity's sake and because they are cool relics.

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