October 6, 2012


Well... the scene for the Click & Duff family shifts from Metro Detroit in 1930 to 1923 and Cambuslang, Scotland for this entry. I went back to the antique mall that I found the previous picture at to retrieve more from the stash they had accumulated.

The picture I posted before was of James Graham Duff and his sister-in-law Grace B. Click at "Mr. Gordon's Cottage in Windiate Park, Waterford, Michigan, June 1, 1930. This one is of Gladys Click Duff at the Trinity Manse in Cambuslang, Scotland, just outside of Glasgow on July 26, 1923.

I'm not sure who Kate is but I also bought several postcards she wrote to the Duffs so perhaps that will become more clear as I sort through the 10 or 12 pieces I picked up. The fact that she's mentioned merely as Kate suggests that she's a close personal friend or perhaps even a relative. I also just noticed that she is holding something across her lap which may be some sort of walking brace and might be helpful in identifying her. When briefly skimming through some of the postcards I do recall reading about an auntie who had been ill but was feeling better and able to walk at the time. Hell, maybe it's just an umbrella or a golf club from the look of that shiny sleeve.

Nor do I have any clue who Mr. and Mrs. Gray are but either them or the Click/Duff troupe had to obviously have been renting or occupying the residence. All of this is wild speculation of course.

Ironically enough the church property including the manse has gone on the market this year and can be had for just under a million dollars. It's quite beautiful too!

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