October 9, 2012



You know, I'm the first to admit that I'm an absent-minded dullard but this latest revelation is painfully negligent. I bought this picture along with the other Click and Duff cards/photos that I've posted and set it aside because I read the name as Mildred Clark.

It only dawned on me 5 minutes ago after looking at it 25 times and having read an newspaper clipping that Deidre Erin Denton posted earlier that this is Grace and Gladys Click's sister Mildred.

Mildred, her twin brother Carl and Grace all died at Carl's farmhouse in Grant Twonship, Michigan on December 21, 1947 after asphyxiating from a faulty soft coal burner. A tragedy that was compounded a month later by another sibling Harry N. Click's death in January 1948.

Port Huron Times Herald, December 1947

I also located a census form from 1940 that showed Grace, Mildred, their mother Caroline, a grandson named Glen (I'm assuming Mildred's son as she is marked down as being married at the time with the last name Jamison.) and a maid named Marie Hunter, aged 19, were living at a house at 171 Hill Avenue in Highland Park, Michigan.

If I remember correctly from another postcard that I've have or through others research, Gladys and James Graham Duff also resided at this same address. Seeing as Mr. Duff didn't pass away until 1941 and patriarch Charles Carman Click died the year before it might be safe to assume that either they all lived in the house at one time or the Duffs relinquished it to the aging Caroline Click and her remaining brood for matters of comfort or convenience.

This condensed census strip above shows that Grace was working as a multigraph operator (printing machine) at a wholesale rug company, Mildred was a stenographer at a multigraph company and 27-year-old Glen was a furnace man at a foundry.

I'm not well-versed in social stations of the 1940s but I'm assuming that Mrs. Hunter was a live-in maid moreso as a caretaker to Caroline Click than a servant considering that the family must not have been too well-off if the members of the house were working normal jobs.

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