October 23, 2012



Well... sadly this is the last written communication I have between the two families and this one doesn't offer up anything new to build upon what I already know: Kate sends her love.

I do believe that 171 Hill Avenue in Highland Park is where the Click family  matriarch moved -- along with Grace, another daughter and a grandson -- after the death of her husband Charles. I also believe that James Graham Duff and Gladys resided there but am not sure if they turned the house over to the family or if that was merely a tide-over for the couple until they moved into new quarters. I may never know either.

I did also learn something new concerning the housing addresses: that the city of Detroit, just as most major cities did at the time, changed most of the street address numbers after the first of the year in 1921. Thus, most or all of the addresses that I have posted here were changed, this one being one of the exceptions.

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