October 20, 2012


The Pass of Glencoe appears to be a desolate and craggy pathway to somewhere else in both early 1900s postcards and pictures of today but its broad shoulders are majestic just the same. If you look long enough the faces of trolls, gnomes and prehistoric beasts emerge from the scars on the cliff faces.

From Trinity Manse at Cambuslang to the Creag Mhor in Onich is a hundred mile jaunt. The same trip that Bessie, "Myself" and Jamison took in the summer of 1922 can be retraced today though the Manse is no longer inhabited and at last gander was up for sale.

It might be semantics to assume that "Miss" Duff really is a single lass or just a backhanded nicety passed along to the newly crowned Mrs. James Graham Duff. It also could merely be Kate who I have assumed to be many different people to James G. Duff but a spinster sister is never out of the question.

Might Jamison be James himself and "Myself" be Gladys Z. Click Duff? Bessie is obviously a new character in the drama and not much pertinent evidence can be ascertained from a first name itself. Except that the handwriting matches neither the Minnie Lawrence postcard or the ones penned by Kate. At least not to the untrained eye. All the same, some Click or Duff descendant will come along and bring order to this incoherent jumbling of scant details and infinitesimal pondering. That's my hope anyway.

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