October 2, 2012


 June 1, 1930

One of my recent and mostly under control obsessions of the moment is postcards. Old postcards to be specific and those that concern the city of Detroit and its environs.

Old is a relative term but I tend to seek ones that are 50+ or years older if they have something written on the back and anything 1980s or earlier if they are blank.

The reason for the former stipulation is simple: privacy for those possibly still living.

Not that postcards are private affairs, since anybody who comes into contact with the card could have read it (and probably did), but more so that it was somebody's possession at one time.

Seeing as it was discarded it sort of becomes public domain after that. Well, maybe it was tossed by a jealous ex or a busy body wife who doesn't like clutter. Then what? Yeah, okay, you get my point.

Since both of these folks are long deceased and somebody out there is likely interested in seeing who they are, I present them for your perusal.

With the help of the information on the back of the photo, a few Google searches, sleuth Deidre over at Detroit Genealogy and Find A Grave I've been able to piece together a few facts.

James Graham Duff was born in Scotland in 1873. He studied philosophy and astronomy at Madras College, St. Andrews, Scotland and was decorated by order of British Parliament for organizing the Tyneside Scottish Volunteer Corps in 1901. He was a member of the Freemasons Kismet Lodge 489 in Detroit, Michigan.

He died March 8, 1941 and is buried in Acacia Park Cemetery in Beverly Hills, Michigan next to his wife Gladys Zoe Duff (neé Click), sister of Grace B. Click who is pictured above with Duff. I was unable to find any information on Ms. Duff other than her Find A Grave memorial.

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