November 9, 2012


July 22, 1923
St. Andrews, Scotland

Just as her husband James Graham Duff and his friend Mr. Robertson and he will in a future post, Gladys herself makes an appearance under the apple tree. I originally intended to post a photograph of Gladys in another mysterious location but for the sake of continuity figured that I should work from the given back to the unknown.

What's "given" is that the aforementioned photograph featuring J. G. Duff and a man identified as Mr. Robertson states that it was taken on July 22, 1923 under James's tree. Which I took to mean that it was his property but could just as well infer that he planted the tree when he was younger and before he moved to Detroit. Such are the ruminations of a blind traveler bereft of facts.

As for Gladys she's looking fashionable as always in her bohemian garb. Not that I know a thing about fashion and perhaps everybody dressed that way then. Either way, I like how she points her index ginger in these pictures and if I weren't already smitten by her sister Grace I'd be enamored with her as well. Yes, those are the benefits of doing genealogy research on folks outside your family tree. And if the 6 degrees of separation finds her apple tree too close to my own then I shall repent in holy haste!

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