February 13, 2013


 I don't remember how I acquired this paper but I believe that my brother found it in the garbage during one of his scrapping sessions and it worked its way down the line to me somehow. Unfortunately it's only 4 pages and 3 of them are solid advertising. The good news is that it features some pictures and names from local folks which might be beneficial for genealogy work or just curiosity's sake. The recaps are for just that purpose since an individual search wouldn't bring these pictures up.

Obviously it's segmented because taking a picture with my camera probably would distort the shape and taking a full scan is impossible due to the dimensions. Hence, I've sectioned it off. The top article is cut and pasted together with a seam going from top to bottom near the first a in Parade. The picture is the "Battle" portion of the equation with the Clawson fire department taking on the Troy troops for water supremacy. Clawson won the match with the help of fireman Bob Blake (not pictured).

Others mentioned in the top photo, who don't also appear in the others, include Justin Ulaitus, 77, from Clawson, who was an European emigre via Canada, coming to the US in 1955. He enjoyed the Bicentennial celebration and quipped in a heavy European-accent, "I much like the United States."

Also mentioned is Rick Patterson, 28, of Pontiac. The former Berkley resident won 1st place for the best individual costume with his depiction of the American Patriot Thomas Paine. Unfortunately no photo was supplied for him either.

In this photo Jeremy Philips, 1 1/2 years, and his brother Mike, 3, both from Berkley, eat watermelon and hotdogs.

Kerry Kleckner plays his trombone with the Good-time Dixie Seven, a group of Berkley High School students who performed at the the city's Old Tyme Picnic.

Santino Campi, age 83, an Italian immigrant living in Berkley, tosses horseshoes at the Old Tyme Picnic.

Mrs. Barabara McKenna of Troy and Mrs. Olevia Haley observe the national bell ringing ceremony at Troy Athens High School. Barbara was apparently a descendant of Oliver Wolcott who was an original signer of the Declaration of Independence. Mrs. Haley was a descendant of Joanna Troutman who designed the Texas Lone Star Flag.

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