March 29, 2013


I picked up a couple of cassette tapes from a thrift store last week for the sole purpose of finding something obscure and interesting. This does the trick. 

The contents are of a mother's phone conversation with her 3 kids named Eli, Bill and Vicky. Plus one taped call with a friend named Ann. She inquires about the kid's girlfriends/boyfriends, school and other trivial stuff for the sake of making a sensible recording. She also asks both Vicky and Bill what their last name is and I believe they say Smoltz or something close to that. I wish that I could discern the name better but it's the only time they seem to muddle their words. 

The conversation with Ann centers around her husband Bill's illness. The fact that "mom" (for lack of a given name) talked to Bill's doctor concerning his illness suggests that she's probably his sister or a close relative, though that's only speculation. "Mom" comes off as a therapist sort but one can never tell from a vague conversation. Her reticence towards Sweetest Day and other incidental holidays lends credence to that supposition but doesn't prove it by any means.

The second tape I purchased seems to be of the same woman, though a few years later, spending time with relatives in Denmark. The ages of the children seem to parallel as well but I may be totally off base with that assumption. As such, I don't want to give away other specifics in case they aren't the same people.

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