March 8, 2013


Sharon Bullock, Dave Byers, Mr. Baysinger
I posted an earlier edition of the Warren High School newspaper The Warren Oriole some time last year and decided that it was time to put up another. As noted at the top of the front page this is the JFK memorial edition which was published nearly a fortnight after his assassination. It's just pictures and quotations of and by him but was probably important for the kids at the time.

For this post I'm just going to list off the students and faculty named in the paper rather than research a few. That way if anybody is looking for these folks they'll be able to word search their names instead of having to dig through back channels.

Joe Shields, Sharon Bullock, Sandie Cunningham, Sue Felix, Sheila Courtney, Pat MacKenzie, Mark Jacobson, Jack Sellers, Tim Venaleck, Ricki Sterling, Jane Pasman, Betty Baker, Laurette Protas, Sue Arndt, Mike Lipiec, Jennifer Towers
Chris Lincoln, Chuck Fattore, Doug Kruse, Gary Ham

Betty Baker, Roberta Stricker, Mike Sobocienski, Chris Parker, Sam Fuller, Carrie Wendt, Carolyn Evans, Joe Smith, Theresa Bury, Daryl Tutle, Dorcas Cox, Mr. Thompson, Bonnie Brown
Ed Christner
Mr. Jerry Green, Andy Licus, Dave Hemme, Doug Walden, Frank Goodish, Ted Grabinski, Bob Studer, Wayne Ogawa, Corky Ford, Floyd Madrazo, Dave Byers, Bill Zatritski, Mike Sonnenberg

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