May 10, 2015


I won't pretend to even be an novice when it comes to the history of Hudson's of Detroit. I recall shopping at the western suburban Detroit stores as a kid but little else. So this will be an historical lesson for both reader and writer, though hardly an exhaustive study by any means, with most of the written material that follows being a rehashing of what the Hudsonian itself offers up.

The front cover shows the talking tree in "Santa's Magic Forest" at the downtown Detroit store mystifying three young children. According to the caption for the photo on page 2 the tree was manned by a person that could see the spectators and responded with individual messages instead of a generic recording. The forest exploration took place on a winding trail adorned with silvery trees, snowflakes and playful forest animals. The moose, raccoons, rabbits and squirrels were also useful helpers that trimmed the Christmas trees. There, too, among the winter wonderland was none other than Kris Kringle, secretly observing and making his list.

The first page presents a Christmas salutation, a general thank you and wishes for a Happy New Year from Chairman Joseph L. Hudson, Jr. and President Edwin G. Roberts.

(to be continued)

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