June 25, 2015


Although my brother's photograph hung up in the downtown Detroit flagship location for a solid year, and all of my siblings and I had our portraits taken there as children, my cumulative memories of Hudson's department store are a bit smarmy and juvenile. I'll impart them, rather "it", just the same.

In the waning days of Hudson's majestic run and my adolescence my only memory of the franchise was formed. I was in high school and sat next to a rather handsome girl named Michelle Potter in English Composition. I was regularly being reprimanded for bad social etiquette by our teacher who literally foamed at the sides of her mouth as she guffawed at our poor grammar habits. My originally assigned table partner was the captain and quarterback of the football team, a scholar and all around pleasant person. Hence, why our seating arrangement shouldn't have worked. I, being a reprobate and he being the model citizen, we should have clashed but instead got along quite well. Too well, in fact. Which facilitated my re-assigned seat sit next to Miss Potter.

As soon as I was placed beside her I became intoxicated. It wasn't because she was quite lovely but due to her perfume which smelled of cherry licquer. At least to my unrefined senses it did and still does. I later asked her and found out that it was "Eternity" by Calvin Klein and stored that knowledge in my memory bank. After dating one Karen and getting serious with another I bequeathed the said scent to the latter one.

It was purchased at the Westland location as a "just-because" gift and was a turning point in my life. So inebriated by this fragrance was I that I would lap it off her neck and chest, much to her disdain. I'm not sure what ingredients comprise the fragrance but I'm pretty certain that it changed my brain chemistry and is probably culpable for my present day collection of vintage candy tins, jars, buttons and thimbles, among other junk.

Oh yeah, the pin. I'd guess that it's probably from the 1970s or thereabout.

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