May 21, 2016

Bob Talbert: Our Columnist at Large Catches Some of Life's Little Fibs, April 7, 1969

I never liked Bob Talbert's column. Mostly because it seemed like a waste of print. But the same could be said of Joe Falls, Mitch Albom and countless other Detroit daily columnists past and present. Still, I see the historical value and will post the ones that I have in my box of old rags.

Talbert seemed especially frivolous and if I hadn't found out recently that his readers actually helped write an occasional article I would have held an even lower opinion of his writing. I'm not sure how this worked and what parts were his and I guess it doesn't matter. I found them trite and boring regardless of the modus operendi. Of course, I was consistently listening to AM radio by the time I was driving so a discerning eye and ear towards media was a given.

For whatever it's worth there's a Sonny Eliot reference along with the Lions and J. L. Hudson's in the column and you can't get more Detroit than that.

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