May 24, 2016


from the Metro-West Section of The Detroit News, February 21, 1972
While Nixon and the war criminal Henry Kissinger were in Communist China in February of 1972 selling American sovereignty piecemeal to the globalist bankers, Marc Bolan and T. Rex were shaking the rafters of the Memorial Building at the University of Detroit.

The headliner 55 minute set, which followed the opening acts Brave Belt and Five Man Electrical Band, alternated between electric and acoustic sets, the latter dividing the three segments.

The writer failed to list many of the playlist songs but the reprise electric set included a 10-minute version of Get It On with Bolan alternating between electric and screech guitar, whatever the hell that means. The show ended with The Who's Summertime Blues.

Luckily, there are other ephemera sycophants--especially in the popular music genre--who documented portions of the songlist:

1. ??? (one article states Jeepster was the opening track; another that is was the second)
2. Jeepster

3. Space Ball Rocochet (acoustic)
4. Cosmic Dancer (acoustic)

5. Get It On
6. Summertime Blues

The acoustic set was probably a result of a bad sound system that plagued all three bands and was not well-received by the crowd, though they sat in quiet reverence during the performance. An audience which apparently included Detroit's own Alice Cooper, whom T. Rex played with during several tour dates in 1972.

I bought this complete newspaper from an estate sale in Farmington Hills for $10 along with a handful or two of other complete papers documenting the fall of Nixon, as well as many sections of various papers from the 1940s through to the early 2000s, but mostly the former. It also included a few dozen weekend supplemental magazines from both Detroit dailies spanning the '60s and '70s.

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