May 12, 2016


When Sentaor John F. Kennedy stood in Cadillac Square on September 5, 1960 shilling himself for president to Detroiters he could never have foreseen the total collapse of the automobile capital let alone his own mortality. But the Bolsheviks in our government and abroad want worldwide poverty and chaos for everybody except the ruling class so they engineer events and manipulate the economy to maximize profits and squeeze out the worker drones. Anybody who rails against the globalist bankers, the crony capitalists and the poverty pimps will be marginalized or murdered. JFK and his brother stood up and were put down in horrific public displays of gang warfare by Illuminati Satanists that eat children for breakfast. So much for Camelot.

If that preamble doesn't make you want a cup of Joe then I don't know what will, Agent Cooper. While C&M Marketing in Detroit distributed Camelot Coffee, hours of research hasn't yielded a manufacturer. Though I have found paid newspaper sites that have adverts for the coffee ranging from the late 1960s to the mid 1970s. Which is about the time frame that I had supposed.

Another classic C&M distribution was Meadowdale Root Beer. Not to get off on a tangent but I also found a label for Meadowdale Mustard Greens so apparently there was a line of products which may have been related to Camelot.

A further search for "C&M + can" returned several Camelot soda pop cans on terapeak, which like worthpoint, showcases past eBay auctions.

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