May 26, 2016


Detroit Free Press, January 2, 1970
I've been seeing a lot of grocery store ephemera lately but especially from Great Scott!, Farmer Jack and Chatham. Which is a given since most available vintage paper is seemingly from the 1960s and '70s and those chains were part of the handful or so big name grocers in Detroit during that era.

Newspaper adverts for grocery stores almost always mention whole fryers. This 3/4 page ad from Chatham's is no different. It highlights the chicken, caricaturizes it and gives it the byline. All's well in Clucksville unless you're the main course.

Unfortunately, it's not in color and no high profile local brands that I favor are included so it's a disappointing ad to some extent. But seeing the block letters of Chatham in their oval cartouche are enough to salvage it for posterity. Even if the ad's effective date was a year off from the publication's. A call to 759-4600 likely remedied that.

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