May 25, 2016


The Detroit and Cleveland Navigation Company was one of the most popular and successful passenger ship lines in the Great Lakes region from the latter half of the 1800s to 1951. Mainly a red-eye liner the various ships in the fleet left port in the evening and arrived at their destination by morning.

As automobile and air traffic advanced the fortunes of the company declined. Wartime rationing brought a resurgence in travel and several of the ships were transformed into aircraft training bases for the U. S. military. But the war's end and a collision between the City of Cleveland III and the Norwegian freighter Ravenfjell, which struck the D&C liner abaft and severely damaged it, finished the company.

My guess is that this is from the 1940s or so and was some sort of dating expedition. Maryanne Friedrich was the sister of Mrs. Karoline Tocco whose estate I found this at a year or so ago. They were the children of Austrian-Hungarian immigrants that originally purchased a farm in Belleville that was later purchased by Ford to build the Willow Run Bomber Plant and Airport.

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