May 7, 2016


I'm not particularly familiar with the Detroit Times though I have seen and probably own a few sections of papers from the publication. Well, I know that I do since I just bought two yesterday at an estate sale. What I have gleaned from the front section of this July 10, 1948 copy is that they were into sensationalism.

This snippet shows the aftermath of a car crash in Brownstown on Toledo-Dix near Sibley Road. Mrs. Margaret Allen of 29562 Sibley in Romulus is shown sitting dazed with a noticeably broken leg, a bleeding forehead wound and blood upon her dress and body. Her traveling companion Mrs. Gertrude Miller of Flat Rock is shown in the front passenger seat with blood trickling from her mouth and being helped by a passerby. The women and Miller's husband Don, the driver, were all taken to Wyandotte General Hospital.

While I've seen other pictures of car crashes in newspapers this one is fairly hideous. The fact that an amateur photographer snapped the shot makes it somewhat less scandalous but that the Times bought it at all shows their level of depravity. Mine, too, since I'm posting this but mostly because I think Mrs. Allen still looks quite handsome despite her plight.

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