May 16, 2016


backdrop from The Detroit News Primary Election Guide, September 4, 1969
Although Ekhardt & Becker didn't have as long a run in Detroit as Stroh's--it was founded in 1881, Stroh's in 1850--it was one of the city's major breweries until its demise in 1962. At which point it was consolidated into the "Associated Brewing Company" under the auspices of Pfeiffer which purchased both E&B and their ancillary Schmidt's. Hence, the appearance of the brand on this 1962 distributors receipt to Karl's Market on Lawndale.

By 1967 only Stroh's ,having purchased Goebel the year before, and this receipt was 5 years tucked into Karl's vaults waiting to be claimed by the antique store dealer that I bought it from along with a dozen or so others. I flipped one on eBay and the rest were more-or-less free save for a dollar or two difference. When the presents itself the others will follow suit into the oblivion of ephemera lust elsewhere and beyond.

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