May 6, 2016


Farmer Jack was laughing quite heartily back in the early days of the company in the late 1960s and well into the 1970s but eventually the greedy serfs decided that they should be paid like executives. Such is the ego and envy of the lower dregs. The Bormans put up the capital and took the risk but a bimbo pushing buttons on a machine and a dolt tossing celery onto a cart or a can of Friskies onto a shelf think their physicality equates to market share. Businesses are formed to make money not to settle social justice disputes. If you can't make what you think is a living wage then get a better job or move back home and live in the attic.

Many people stopped going there after their protracted strike in the late '80s and with the introduction of their savings card. It wasn't so much the card itself but the gouging that went on when you didn't have one or the deceptive advertising which would display the actual price without the card in amoeba-sized print. That and Kroger trounced them. And when Kroger went on strike around the same time they simply discounted the entire store and reduced the goons to quibbling beggars on the line.

This just may be the most combative vintage blog that has ever existed. Oh well. Stuff it if you don't like it, Karl.

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