May 29, 2016


There's nothing here on the D-Day front that hasn't been written up in history books for the past 70 years. There was a Times sponsored air show going on that day. The weather was seemingly cool for June and despite the severe circumstances of war there's a mention of Dr. J. C. Toole's dentist office on W. Lafayette, ads for deafness books and loans and other small notices sprinkled about the page.

The most egregious though is the Faithful Friends! Stories of Pets mentioned near the masthead. It's understandable that the publisher wants to make money and that the populace is a bunch of morons but giving them what they want should be the last line of business during a week of horrific wins and losses. But so is the world. And I will be posting the column at some point, if you care to know, because this paper intrigues me quite a bit.

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