May 8, 2016


Golden Valley Dairy is around in some capacity today though it's likely not even close to what they started out as. The problem here is that I have nothing to go off and have grown sick of researching a dead end.

What I know is that the company itself sold off most of it's dairy making capacities in 1968. Which wasn't a death knell for the company but a transformation as they turned to distribution.

Brands such as Sealtest, Frosty Paws (the dog treat ice cream), Land-O-Lakes and Haagen Daaz were introduced to the Detroit area via Golden Valley.

They seemingly have moved headquarters several times and the Wyoming location was long ago abandoned.

The only recent news that I can find for GV is the murder of one of their drivers, Marvin Bell, in 2007. Which is not the sort of thing I enjoy posting here but like Mayer Hawthorne, I have to tell it like it is.

The pad came from the basement bottle sale that I mentioned a few posts back. I tucked it up and under the plethora of Old Bottle Magazine issues that I bought on the way cheap there and the cashier who tried to bamboozle me on the price was left in the dark on its whereabouts. What I'm saying is that I got it for free and don't feel particularly bad about it. In fact, I think that I'm rejoicing right now. Yeah, I am.

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