May 14, 2016


Grand River Record, July 29, 1948
This blog was originally started to showcase my ridiculous collection of Detroit-area paper ephemera but I've gone astray. Considering that I have copious amounts it would stand to reason that I should return to that original premise and double-up on my posts going both forward and back. Here's to that beginning.

Since I wasn't born until the 1970s it's expected that I wouldn't remember Libby's bounce cups. I wish that I had been around then and was immortal so that I could witness these products in their infancy but I suppose that's the whole point of antique stores.

I do, however, remember Kresge's. It was at the end of the line when I was old enough to be cognizant of the enterprise but I recall getting cold-cut sandwiches from the Wonderland Mall location when my mother took us shopping. Or was that Woolworth's? Perhaps it was both. I think of them interchangeably regardless of which outlasted the other and was the actual spot of recollection.

The location at Joy Road and Grand River might not have even been in existence during my lifetime. The Grand River Record newspaper definitely was not. Which was why I grabbed the four-page section from the Fashion Silhouettes--Women's Page. There's not much of note in here but I'm guessing that very few people even have four pages from the publication so it's rare and worthwhile to me.

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