May 11, 2016


Pot Shots from a Grosse Ile Kitchen and Long Windows (Being More Pot Shots...) are two of the best books of anecdotal oral Detroit folk history ever written. I label them that because they are both cookbooks and "history" is a mere aside to the stories and recipes. While Lucy generally provides the recipes and Sidney the verbiage, it is clearly a joint effort where each participant feeds off the others talent in their field.

Being that both books were released in the later 1940s many of the re-published articles that comprise them purposely deal with the casualties of war, heroism, rationing, the return to stability and its aftermath. All in the vernacular of the age when Americans were patriotic, trusting of authority and innocent to the evil lurking within the United States government. Hindsight often gives a more accurate perspective but there is also a certain raw perfection within an experience regardless of how flawed it might be. Such is the appeal of the books.

While I can't really speak for the columns outside of those parameters since I've only seen two, the showcased one above being half of that total. This article is on the light side and offers up daily living incidentals about the authors and a recipe for egg nog. Legitimate egg nog with a hearty dose of alcohol included.

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