May 22, 2016


This is from the Detroit Red Wings' January 24, 1981 game program against the Colorado Rockies. A game that they won 6-2. Which might not sound impressive in the era of the Dead Wings and shouldn't because they were two of the worst teams that season. In fact, the Wings only won 7 more games that campaign en route to a 57 point season, one better than the Rockies.

As for the ad: my brother has collected beer cans since the 1970s and him and I used to go to VFW halls back in the day to scrounge for them. Hence, my bottle and can lust. I've forced myself not to buy multitudes of Old Frothingslosh, Stroh's, Vernors and other assorted beverages because there is no end to the types and varieties to be had. Though recently I have succumbed to the temptation somewhat.

The date on the ad, 1979, suggests that it was recycled a time or two. The slogan "From one beer lover to another" is very familiar to a Detroiter who grew up religiously watching sports in the 70s. They probably could have splurged to net a Red Wing for their ad in full regalia but I guess it's too late to change it now.

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