May 28, 2016


Steve Perry unwittingly called Windsor, Ontario "South Detroit" in Journey's Don't Stop Believing and for all intents and purposes it is an extension of the city inasmuch as we are secondary Canadians. And we are. Windsor is Detroit's sister city minus the 400 murdered citizens per year and the bombed-out third-world malaise. But kindred spirits we be. Hell, both sides of the river say POP (as in soda; I mean saying soda is like calling french fries "french" or potato chips "potato"; you just can't do it and remain intellectually inclined) so we must be blood relatives.

Actually, our histories are interwoven though the political philosophies have often been at loggerheads with one another. Well, the suburbanites and city-dwellers differ but most folks in urban settings are Marxists by default of their inbred social drowning amidst human hearts, heads and souls.

As for the Tamburitzans and the Top Hat Supper Club: the Tamburitzans were originally a 12-piece outfit from Ely, Minnesota that somehow made it to this area and grew to a small orchestra sized band. Matt Gouze founded them in 1937 and was band leader until 1952, thus dating this menu most likely to the 1940s.

Or the band simply went on without Gouze but carried on using his name. Or he didn't quit at all and formed his own version of the band. I have no clue and the information is not particularly relevant to this post. Actually, it kind of is but I'm wearing thin on the topic and wasting valuable sleeping time on researching information that nobody gives a lick about.

I also cannot find the exact opening date for the Top Hat but my guess is the 1940s.


David Littlefield said...

I remember the Top Hat supper club. It was a great place. I enjoyed a delicious steak dinner there one Saturday night and loved the entertainment. It was a warm, friendly place to go in Windsor. Too bad it is gone now. Thanks for posting the menu. It brings back great memories of that old place. Look at those prices! So cheap! Amazing!

David Littlefield said...

I remember the Top Hat Supper Club. It was a great restaurant. I enjoyed a delicious steak with mushrooms dinner and watched the band one Saturday night after visiting the Casino in Windsor. It was a very warm and friendly place. The menu looked very similar when I was there. Same logo but the prices were more expensive but still very reasonable. Too bad it is gone now. So sad. Thanks for bringing back the memories.