May 10, 2016


I own and have had in my possession several far superior boxes than this specimen but you get what you get with me. Plus, I need to push this along via eBay so photo documentation and a write-up must precede the bloodletting.

As kids we were often too poor to afford the good stuff so a treat from Sanders was a rarity. As such, I barely recall the brand. Which isn't really an indication of anything because I don't particularly remember eating Hostess, Entenmann's or Awrey's for that matter.

I found this in Grosse Pointe Woods along with a cache of vintage photographs at an estate sale a month or two ago. I usually don't travel that far but had a rental car and an urge to visit the Detroit Antique Mall so I packaged the visits into one. Though the roads to and the box lids within it are well-traveled and scarred I probably paid more in gas than for the treasured ware. 2 bucks, Chuckles.

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