May 20, 2016


backdrop from the Detroit Free Press Weekend Magazine, March 8, 1970
I'm not one of those people who claims to have been at every important event or remembers eating Better Made chips on the lake in Traverse City while Ernie Harwell chirped out his city's name on a foul ball. I pretty much don't recall the entirety of my childhood let alone most things that happened last year.

I remember WABX in the faintest sense of the word. I know that it was one of the rock stations that I listened to in the late 1970s and early '80s and that many of the DJs on WRIF and WLLZ came from there. Otherwise, nada. They were probably the innovators of the 3-for-blocks that were a boon when a decent group was on but torture otherwise and hence, why they were shuffled along.

Actually, I think that I recall hearing Howard Stern say that they were commercial free for several months and rose to number one in the market. Of course, when the bills came due the commercials returned and the fans, feeling betrayed, left in droves. Maybe that was W4. All right, I'm too lazy to research the matter and am unnecessarily muddling things with pure conjecture, hearsay and second-hand gossip.

I'm sure that this is worth next-to-nothing but I like it just the same. Especially so when slapped upon the special sounds feature by the Freep. Here's a preview:

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