May 3, 2016


Boner Bob wasn't a very good sheriff and an even worse county executive for Wayne, which explains why the pawns voted for him repeatedly. People love themselves a boondoggle and this is evidenced in the fact that Detroit resembles a third-world nation with it's track record of malfeasance through the Dullardcrat party.

Not that the Republicans are any sort of opposition to the Marxist pragmatists that have ruined our state but they generally grandstand in opposition of the Maoists before finally capitulating when they realize that their job security takes precedence over actual freedom. By Gawd, how the masses demand the lash. Give them their beer and stick and ball sports and you could put Stalin at the helm and they wouldn't bat an eye until the jackboots kick it through their cranium. Thus is civilization. An expendable resource to the power brokers.

This whistle was probably a campaign geegaw. Something the rats pass out so that they don't have to kiss babies and clasp hands with the common fool who believes in democracy. Blow a horn or whistle like a steaming teapot and they'll genuflect before the flag while a silhouette in the shadows steals 10 trillion dollars through usury.

Do I sound bitter? Certainly. Am I wrong. Nyet. Well... get in line then little boy blue and start puffing away at the noise making pipe while I return this to it's proper glass vessel.

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