May 27, 2016


Long gone the peckenpaw, the geegaw and the haberdashery. As well as the day when a comrade in a smoking jacket could lip at a pipe with his fellow classmates and burnish their letters bronze with nicotine. Also, apparently, is the time when I could upload pictures to blogger without an error message. So, I'm going to post the remaining relevant ones when their server stops dumping mine. Oh look, they finally let it go through:

backdrop from The Home Gazette, September 12, 1957
So yeah, save a modest stash of minimally 1,500 empty packs of Alpine, Marlboro, Parliament and Philip Morris Commander cigarettes, mold them into a 4' X 4' X 6' display along with other materials and win a prize. Namely a Webcor Tape Recorder, a portable stereo or a Polaroid camera. Entries will be judged May 11th at the State Fair Grounds in coordination with the University of Detroit carnival.

The year, I will guess, is the early to mid 1950s based solely upon the Webcor's popularity during that time frame and then it's swift decline in the decade after. Usually when you're trying to coax college kids into a prize-winning contest you must offer something trendy and highly desirable.

I bought about 15 of these roughly 8"X11" flyers at Motor City Antiques in Flat Rock for $2 total or something stupidly cheap like that.

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