May 17, 2016


backdrop from a 1950s Detroit tourist brochure
The histories of Detroit department stores such as Hudson's, Crowley's and Winkleman's are well-documented and readily available. Their ephemera is plentiful and can be had at a cost. Things like this new employee training sheet are scarce. Mainly because it was meant to be thrown away by the new employee. While it might have no resale value (I haven't attempted to sell it) it does serve some historical and research purposes. I'm posting this for the person interested in such things. Likely, the only person is myself. So mote it be.

This was from the estate of Arthur Kassin but could have just as easily belonged to his late wife Alice (nee Swanek). Considering that they were antique collectors it's also possible that it was something that they picked up along the way. Which seems less likely since I found it tucked in a drawer of a basement desk where other personal items were kept. Regardless, it's out there now in the blogosphere.

I'm guessing that it's from the early 1960s. The new Winkleman's employee was to report to 25 Parsons at the corner of Woodward in Downtown Detroit for training at the Tech Plaza store in Warren. Starting full-time pay in "Smallwear" was $42.50 for 40 hours of work with a 1-2% commission. Or basically a buck an hour plus whatever they could hustle through sales. Work work work.

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