June 9, 2016


backdrop from the Stroh's Beer Tips From the Tigers by the Detroit Tigers
I found this at an estate sale in Livonia on June 8th along with several other pieces of Detroit ephemera. I went there hoping to find a hospital gown from the old Eloise Asylum but so was every other paranormal seeker in the area. I'll take this any day.

It fell into my hands via the terra firma. That is, it was laying in the driveway upside down with scribbled notes on it and I retrieved it, flipped the obverse to the bottom and saw Olympia Stadium, Dick the Bruiser and wrestling emblazoned upon the small ticket and tucked it into my stack of newspapers.

This was a Special Discount Ticket for Saturday May 8, 1965 at 8:30 PM. It was marked down from $4.00 to $1.25 for a Reserved Seat. Of the $1.25 the service charge was 91 cents and state taxes took the remaining 34 cents.

The main draw was Dick the Bruiser & Gene Kiniski versus Wilbur Snyder & Pat O'Connor. A fight which the latter won.

According to this site other results were as follows:

Angelo Poffo defeated Joe Brunetti (Tangaro)Yukon Moose Cholak defeated Black Bart
Nicoli Volkoff defeated Guy Mitchell
Tom Pervolas vs. Dennis Hall - draw
Prince Calvin Pullins defeated Roger Kirby.

Also mentioned on the ticket was Joe Blanchard.

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