June 15, 2016


The Detroit News, February 3, 1969
The thing that makes old newspapers enticing to me is what also makes them rare: they were meant to be disposable. Each paper was a one-off and done. Never to be seen again except in the newsroom archives and by scrapbookers and hoarders. While I couldn't bring myself to deface a paper via scrapbooking it may come to the point that I will hoard them. At least until I can document the information pertinent to me and then pass them along.

This Great Scott! advert has little local appeal via the products offered but the space-age graphic of the woman being blown-away by their prices is blog worthy in its own right. Thus, its placement here.

The product depictions are also a big bonus for me. I like to put dates to labels and even though this one doesn't suit my needs it's still a winner in of itself.

For the nearest Great Scott! market call JO4-6100.

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