June 8, 2016


Fifth Estate, May 27-June 2, 1971 (enlarge)
If you're ever in the mood for fourth-rate high school journalism then the Fifth Estate is the perfect rag for your tastes. I mean, they are leftists so you can't really expect reason or good taste to prevail but this is the bottom of the barrel in written media.

This article from the spring of 1971 deals with party goers in Hines Park at Valley View in Westland. The revelers in "ripple and joints" were apparently raided by busloads of marauding cops who wanted to put an end to the nightly partying on the drive.

A guy named Glenn got throttled by the "pigs" as did countless others according to the Marxist propaganda. Brent Little of Garden City spoke for everyone when he said "Why don't they just leave us alone? We can't get jobs, and can't afford to go anywhere else. What do they want us to do--go back and start hanging out at the drive-ins again. Shit, you can't sit down there for more than five minutes without the pigs hassling you."

Which is a good point if you're an neanderthal but otherwise is a revolting notion to anybody with a properly functioning brain.

Brent Little was having none of this rationale, finishing his rant, "If they don't let up, people are going to start fighting back--I mean REALLY fighting." Which sounds like something that a Bernie Sanders supporter would say as he's calling Donald Trump a Nazi while spitting at and punching people and silencing supporters of the orange man with threats of further violence.

Anyway, I bought this and another copy of the rag at a rummage sale several years ago. Since it's becoming fragile and decaying I figured that I should post some of the more interesting schlock. Enjoy.

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