June 26, 2016


The Detroit News, February 5, 1969
As was and is the case with many area grocers and department stores in Detroit they are and were inner-related. Born from the litany of Kresge stores Kmart eventually overtook their namesake to become the second-leading chain store behind Sears.

The food stores were often joint operations with their discount enterprise--both began in 1962; though the partnered grocers were some times independent of Kmart despite carrying their branded items--but faltered and were retired in the early 1980s. The Big K and Super Center stores marked the return of the chain into the large-scale grocery business in 1990.

As the pictorials suggest shopping was largely still a housewife's chore in 1969 and meat was high on the buying list. Which was on high display in this section of The Detroit News that also featured an ad for their competition with a byline reading, "It's the meat... that brings most folks to Farmer Jack's". I shall post that in the near future.

The stores listed in the ad are as follows:

50 N. Groesbeck Hwy.
Mt. Clemens

29800 Ford Road
Garden City

29176 Van Dyke

31200 Schoenherr

165 Wayne Road

25201 W. Outer Dr.

22801 Harper
St. Clair Shores

3100 Washtenaw

28800 Telegraph Road

One other thing of note: there are several mentions of the Meadowdale brand in this advert which I briefly discussed in a previous post. Perhaps they were exclusive to Kmart? Then again, during one of Farmer Jack's several purges under the A&P umbrella in 1988, seven stores (4 A&P, 3 FJ) were sold to Meadowdale Foods. Could it be that Meadowdale was one of the partnered grocers? Another question for a further post.

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