June 20, 2016


The Detroit News, December 27, 1963
What a ghastly visage Milky the Clown was but for some reason he struck the heart of Detroiters in just the right place and lasted nearly two decades on television between 1950 and 1967.

Clare Cummings, who played Milky, was the host for most of those years. An early obsession with magic led to a part-time career for the paint salesman.

Having started on WJBK as Milky's Movie Party, the show switched to WXYZ in 1955 and finally went to WWJ in 1958 where it adopted the new name Milky's Party Time.

This ad was for the December 28, 1963 program which aired between 3-4:30 PM and preceded the East West Shrine Football Game on Channel 4.

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