June 21, 2016


backdrop from The Detroit News, September 8, 1969
These bookmarks have long confounded me since finding them in a used book a decade or so ago. I assumed rightly that the vehicle depicted on them was a concept car but where things started getting murky was when attempting to make a Detroit connection to the "Modula". I figured that it was a Detroit prototype and the marks were an Auto Show freebie that somehow ended up at WCCC. Apparently not. Perhaps the college had an exhibition of sorts?

While the markers are copyrighted 1988 the Ferrari Modulo [sic] was a concept car designed and built in 1968 which debuted at the Geneva Auto Show in 1970.

The oddest thing is that the car is almost always referred to as Modulo and very rarely as Modula. Not only that but I can find no instance of the vehicle appearing at the Detroit Auto Show though it made the rounds before being dismantled for parts (a replica still exists).

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