June 23, 2016


The Detroit News, October 2, 1968
This was before my time but growing up in the 1970's and '80s in the Detroit area, Channel 9 was as big a part of our television watching experience as the major networks were. Especially so on Saturday nights with Hockey Night in Canada. But we're talking general television and not sports.

From Bozo to Batman to Bill Kennedy at the Movies the shows seemed to flip between networks and countries. Bozo and Batman, of course, were nationwide phenomena while old Bill Kennedy flipped between local markets in Windsor and Detroit. I came across an article recently discussing the aforementioned defection and will post it eventually.

As for Batman it still remains one of my favorite television shows of all time. While the foppish Robin was getting slapped around and out-thought, Batman, via Bruce Wayne, was proselytizing, philosophizing and administering justice with a fist as deft as his utility belt was MacGyverish.

Batman aired on Wednesdays at 5PM followed by the Nine Spot Movie at 7:30. On this particular October day in 1968 it was Cry For Happy.

The page shown here is frail and tears at the seams every time I handle it. Save for the Detroit Tigers roster picture on the back side of the page I'd clip this out and frame it despite it being halved by weakening fibers in the paper. I probably should just the same.

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