June 14, 2016


backdrop from the Detroit Free Press, October 15, 1984
As mentioned in a previous post Peter Ferenc's name appears on this Wayne County Emergency Relief Works Division ID slip. Whether or not he was a painter by trade (the census shown later indicates he was) that was the job given to him on April 6, 1934 by the WCER at a rate of 80 cents per hour. His case number was 4888 and the listed foreman was a Ury? Cohen. The address given for Ferenc was 1945 Evaline in Hamtramck.

A cursory glance shows that Mr. Ferenc immigrated to the United States from Poland in 1907 and started a family with his wife Julie Dudek. They resided in Hamtramck in the 1930s with their 6 children. His daughter Bernice, who passed away last year, played a small role in the Clint Eastwood film Gran Torino.

Born in 1880 to Jan Ferenc and Marjanna Smelia, Mr. Ferenc died September 28, 1941.

I'll try to do some follow-up research as time permits.

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